Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer in Capri

It's almost unbelievable how beautiful these waters can get, all sparkling turquoise and glassy green, set against the immense sky. We took a hydrofoil to this postcard-perfect island and lunched on fish and pizza, before taking a chairlift to the top of the island for a view of its amazing sights. The sky and sea were both so blue that they blended into a perfect cerulean blanket from afar. When we squinted into the distance, the faded blue peak of Mt Vesuvius peeped back at us. 

Later, we went back down to the stony beach and tasted limoncello and lemonade made from the large local lemons. I'm not fond of alcohol, but the lemonade, though overpriced, was a wonderfully refreshing slice through the blazing heat. We spent the next half hour wandering through street shops and brushing the sandy dust off souvenirs. I selected a small jewellery box decorated with scallops and ceriths and conches, then pranced back to have another look at the ocean. As my forehead glistened and my shirt clung to my skin, the waves lapped around my feet invitingly. But then we had to leave, so there was no time for swimming. One day, when there isn't a strict tour itinerary to adhere to, we may return to those turquoise tides. But perhaps a less tourist-swamped beach next time? Italy is so full of lovely little islands after all. Till next time, arrivederci Italia!

Photos taken with Canon Ixus 105

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