Monday, 3 March 2014

It's LeviOsa

We visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour on a terribly cold misty morning. People huddled each other as they walked down the street, breathing out in tiny water droplets. The bitter wind bit my eyes and chilled fingers to the bone. Pretty sure the blood temporarily froze at the tips of my reddened fingers when I took off my gloves to take photos. Cue jokes about the dreary icy fog being caused by dementors about the place.

The fog left a visibility of only a few meters and I seriously wondered how anyone drove in this (they cancelled quite a lot of flights going out of Heathrow airport), so I was rather worried along the bus ride there. And indeed, the guy kept driving into tree branches. Then again, those tree branches were so low that any double decker bus was bound to drive into them.

You can barely see the sign.

The queue inside took us by the Cupboard Under The Stairs, just like how we first met Harry in the books/movies. We then had a brief tour in the Great Hall, after which we were left to explore the rest of the studio on our own time.

This post was incredibly hard to draft because I went absolutely shutter happy inside the studio and took photos of literally everything. I was all, "Ok let's take an overview shot. Now let's take individual shots of every single tiny little prop."

Here's a selected photospam.

We tried butterbeer for the first time. It's nice, albeit extremely sweet. Kinda like butterscotch ice cream soda.

Diagon Alley and Hogwarts Castle were my favourite exhibits.

Getting there:
We had bought Oyster cards to take us within zones 1 & 2 for the rest of the trip, so we bought a one-off train ticket to get to Watford Junction for the day. From there, a shuttle bus took us to the studio (shuttle bus fares are £2 for a round trip or £1.50 one way). At Watford Junction station, turn left after passing through the ticket barriers and walk towards the bus station, keeping left. The Harry Potter shuttle bus will be rather easy to spot.

Photos taken with Sony RX100 ii

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